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People are 'Flipping' for Acapella!

SETTING: Two friends chillin' in the park...

Ted: "Have you seen it?!"

Waverly: "What? The new fantasy novel by Alisa K. Michaels? No, not yet."

Ted: "Are you serious?! You haven't gotten it?"

Waverly: "No...why?"

Ted: "Then you don't know about 'The Flip'?"

Waverly: "Huh? What is 'The Flip'?"

Ted (beaming with excitement) glances to his left then to his right and whispers close to her ear: "Halfway through the book it 'flips'!"

Waverly (shocked): "No way!"

Ted (squeals): "Yes way! You heard correctly. Acapella: Book Three of The Siren Series...Flips!"

TWO stunning covers!

TWO mind-blowing parts!

TWO opposing sides of the same character!

All of this in one amazing story chock-full of romance, action, lots of Sireny-stuff, buckets of Muse-mischief, a little brother behaving badly, adorable muskrats, cute hopping bunnies, one wacky warring god, epic battles, a beguiling earth goddess, everything you have come to love and crave from the series plus much, much more!

Not to ending that you will never see coming.

For sale now on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle [Kindle version does not have 'Flip' functionality]) and Barnes & Noble [Paperback & Hardcover])

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