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Acapella: Q & A

Hello, Hola, Aloha, Bonjour all you Siren Series fans!

Thank you for all of the wonderful messages! I love hearing how you all are doing. Whether it is fighting off the snow in the upper mid-west or dealing with daily stresses like untrainable pets, I am honored that you share your lives with me.

To get straight to the most asked questions: Yes, I promise that I am editing Acapella: Book Three of The Siren Series as fast and as accurately as I possibly can, but as you all know, life happens. No, I cannot reveal any spoilers except the one big one that already hangs in the ether (read the January 6th Acapella blog post to get a taste of what is to come).

What I will say is that this book will change the minds of all you naysayers regarding the existence of Sirens, and as always, book three has all of the 'good stuff' that you have come to expect from the series: humor, romance, legend, lore, mystery, coming of age, rebellion, loyalty, courage, lovable characters, and even loss.

Also, if you enjoyed the action in Aria: Book Two of The Siren Series, then make sure you wear a belt for this story 'cuz it's gonna blow your pants off!


Sadly, I must end this post before I reveal too much.

Until the next time, my precocious readers...

I wish you peace, joy, and great books to read!

Alisa K. Michaels

YA Author

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