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Selena's Song - Preface Audio

Selena's Song

What if everything you were taught about your lineage was a lie; an idea told through fables based on word of mouth and unproven journal entries which reads more like a bedtime story than any true account of reality?

What if the mythical Sirens were real and you were related to them, or even more baffling, what if you—unknowingly—were one of them?

You may assume such things are Legend, but then again, can you ever be so sure?

For 16-year-old Selena, that improbable, mythical world becomes her destiny.



Sixteen-year-old Selena cannot wait to visit her ancestral home of Capri, Italy.  After all, it is where the matriarchs of her famed Siren lineage were born and began their calling as the most feared and respected protectors of the seas.


However, it is also there that they will face an ancient supernatural foe out to destroy them all.  Will their family survive the threat or will her destiny end before it even begins?

No one knows…not even the gods.

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What happens when the biggest threat to your family is You?

For sixteen-year-old, Selena, and her family, this was to be the best summer vacation ever. After all, the Mediterranean is the birthplace of their entire mythological line. Instead, it is turning into the worst. Not only do they face unforeseen dangers and murderous foes around every corner, but now they must confront their most treacherous opponent yet: Her!

In short, what happens when a teen Siren becomes more powerful than the gods?

Sadly, only the gods know…

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What do you do when everything that matters is lost?  The thought of going on is more than unbearable.  On top of it, you are on the radar of a relentless foe out for blood, and being hunted by not only one enemy, but hundreds.


Will Selena and her family survive to tell the horrific tale or is this the end of the Marquez clan?  No one knows.  All they can do is wait and pray…


The Mermaids have come!

Coming Soon!
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